Show Training & Handling

$1000 / Month

Training runs $1000 a month plus feed.
1 month will be trained.

All dogs must have a health certificate from a vet within 7 days of drop off. KY Finest (Sarah Roach) will not be liable if something happens to your dog Related to health conditions under my care there will be an autopsy done if something happens. I will only have a maximum of (2) client dogs here at a time. You MUST provide food for your dog. If I take your dog to a show with me, the price will NOT be included in the 1000 a month for training + food. ALL fees must be paid when the dog is dropped off (or before show if it’s show fees) NO EXCEPTIONS. The deposit to lock your dog in is 400 to hold your spot. The rest due at the time of drop off. Thank you in advance to all who trust me with their dogs!

I require a deposit to insure that your dog is locked in.
Here are our new prices $25 to book your dog(s) (this is not extra, and it’s non-refundable. it comes off total balance owed.)
$25 per dog, per show for handling. If your dog progresses and makes it further than its age group/best male/female/best of variety, there will be small bonus fees of $15 for best of winners (only if the dog wins) and $15 for best of breed (only if the dog wins)
$25 for best in show (only if the dogs wins). So 1 show could potentially be $75 all together. Your success is our success though, these incentives are to insure we do the best job possible.
We also charge travel fees if we transport your dog(s). The MINIMUM is $50, per dog per day. This depends on how far away the show is, the further away, the more we need to charge to cover everything.

What is required

  • 4 parvo shots, up to date every 6 months Bordetella. Up to date Rabies.
  • Monthly heart guard and flea and tick, bathed before they come. Your dog/dogs will need to be free of fleas and ticks apon arrival
  • brucellosis test and Heartworm test.
  • 40/50 Ib bag of food. I do not feed raw. Bring treats that your dog prefers. And A chew toy.
  • A kennel that fits your dog, two bowls. And if you prefer a blanket that has your scent. This will make the dog a little more comfortable.
Boarding $150 /Week

No Training Provided

As long as it does not interfere with any client dogs here for training.

Let me help ready your beautiful dogs for the show ring.
More details available through a PM
Below are some of our Show Dogs with their Prizes.
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